The Green Weigh

I, like everyone who saw it, was horrified by the recent documentary ‘Drowning in Plastic’. Images of baby birds with stomachs full of plastic were enough to make me rethink my habits, and shopping is a good place to make some easy wins.

I have always been aware of the amount of excess packaging and plastics in supermarkets, and have tried to avoid it by shopping in our village shop (paper bags) or markets where possible, but it seems like time to step it up a gear.

Fortunately, this is becoming a worry for lots of people now, and some of the problems are now finding solutions.

Stepping into the breach with impeccable timing is The Green Weigh, a loose foods shop on wheels. Funded by a collection of supporters and crowdfunders, it is housed in a very well-equipped van, and visits local towns, villages and markets selling goods by weight. The idea is to take along your own containers (although they have some available too) and buy what you need by weight.

It’s a very simple idea, and very satisfying to turn up with your jars, bottles & bags and get them filled with exactly as much as you need. I didn’t need much this time, just laundry liquid and a few bits and bobs, but now I know what’s there, I will be buying my spices, pulses, rice, olive oil etc there regularly.

I was expecting to pay a bit of a premium for the convenience of a van in the village, but prices are surprisingly low – less than the supermarket own-brand type price bracket, and many of The Green Weigh’s products are organic, which makes them even better value.

With spices, cereals, rice & pasta, pulses, oil & vinegar, cleaning products and personal care items, it is more than a token gesture, and I am now looking at all my bottles and jars with new eyes, sizing up what will be best for what! Visits include Bridport, Lyme Regis, Dorchester, Charmouth, Axminster & lots of the villages, so if you can, do go and have a look at what’s on offer, and try to weave it into your weekly shopping habits. Greener, cheaper, supporting local entrepreneurs and most importantly, reducing your plastic waste – what’s not to love?!

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