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This is not a traditionally Christmassy post, but if you are planning a Boxing Day walk or starting the New Year with a run, you will understand my excitement about this one.

I was doing some online shopping for Christmas, and found something so clever I actually kept it for myself! As a keen dog walker and explorer of local footpaths, I never take maps with me as they are so cumbersome, but I always take my phone so I am often checking on Viewranger. This is a great app, but it eats battery life, and I don’t like to get my phone wet if I can help it.

This is where Splash Maps are so clever. This is a map printed onto washable fabric – you can fold it, scrunch it in a pocket, wear it as a scarf or bandana, get it wet & muddy, and even write on it with washable markers. I bought an Ordnance Survey map of our area, which is exactly what I’d have on paper or app, but you can get street maps, and maps of anywhere you choose.

It’s brilliant! As a practical solution for trying new walks it is perfect, as you can take it anywhere with no worries about getting it wet, tearing etc. I was a bit worried the quality might not be good enough for actual map-reading, but it’s as clear as a ‘real’ map, and will never get stained, dogeared etc.

Scrunch it, wear it, wash it – it will survive!

The company launched with crowd funding, and has gone from a stand at an outdoors show to sales on 4 continents, with some very impressive experts in the outdoors recommending them.

If you are an avid explorer, on foot, on hooves or on wheels, this is definitely for you, and they make a fabulous present for an outdoorsy person.

I like the idea so much I’ve become an Associate, which means that if you buy one through my link I make a small commission, but this is only because I was so enthusiastic I contacted Splash Maps to offer to help spread the word.

It’s a fine idea, like all fine ideas blindingly obvious when you think about it, and the product itself is top quality and perfect for doing the job. Get one for you, and one for your friend!

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