Wildlife Photographer of the Year

With two keen photographers in the family, the chance to see the world-famous Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition right on our doorstep was too good to miss.

A few years ago we went up to London to see it at the Natural History Museum, which was great but quite an effort, so this time we caught it on its national tour as it is at Seaton Tramway from 10th March to 10th May this year.

The photos are always a total mixture, from exotic megafauna like lions and polar bears to the microscopic, and this year is no different, with some fantastic images from all over the world.

It is an inspiring reminder of the mind-boggling variety and complexity of the natural world, and a brilliant snapshot into the private lives of the world’s animals, from a grieving gorilla mother to courting adders, and the animal behaviour on show is fascinating.

There is a section with photos depicting human interaction with & impact on the natural world, and it is almost without exception disturbing and shameful. Monkeys and bears made to dance for tourists, poaching, habitat loss and exploitation are pretty difficult to see, and contrast strongly with the purity and rightness of the scenes which don’t show humans influence. 

If you are a keen photographer, or just inspired by what you’ve seen, you can learn more in events organised to complement the exhibition.

There are special Photography Tram trips with local professional photographer Ben Kanpur, where you can take a tram to remote parts of the Axe Valley and with Ben’s help, get some wildlife or landscape shots of your own. 

Seaton Jurassic are also offering photography events, including pinhole camera (4th May), bird photography (3rd & 24th April), smart phone photography workshops, marine photography and fun marine photo-booth setups for children.

Get inspired, then get involved!

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