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Brewery Square & the fountainsI started this blog to celebrate the local, small, independent businesses and enterprises in the area, championing the underdog, and I’m just about to write a whole post endorsing the biggest retail giant in the country. Why?

Well, before you denounce me as a total hypocrite, I also aim to find ways families can explore and spend time together without spending a fortune (or anything, wherever possible), and we’ve just had a really fun rainy bank holiday day out without spending very much at all.

Although I’d love to pretend I only shop at farm shops etc the reality is I still use Tesco more than I’d like to admit, especially for petrol.  I have amassed a large number of Clubcard vouchers, and we cashed some of  these in for cinema tickets at The Odeon and lunch at Pizza Express, both at Brewery Square, Dorchester. It was easy to book (if you can’t find your Clubcard vouchers, they are all recorded online, so you don’t even need the actual paper versions). The Clubcard Boost gives you £10 for every £2.50 worth of coupons, so £80 worth only ‘cost’ me £20.

There are a few places around here which accept Clubcard vouchers: Abbotsbury attractions (Children’s Farm, Swannery & Subtropical Gardens), Forde Abbey House & Gardens, Bicton Botanical Gardens, Sea Life Weymouth, and Zizzi’s & Pizza Express at Brewery Square.  I’m not going to give any specific booking details as they vary per retailer, but check online – many can be booked the day before, as voucher codes are sent by email.


So, if you can dig out a few vouchers, you can have a day out locally for nothing, and there is something there to keep most people happy. I know we spent an absolutely lovely day at Abbotsbury Children’s Farm, cuddling Guinea pigs, riding ponies and racing goats – I’m quite sad my children are too old for this now (although I’m not, how does that work!). The Swannery is gearing up to hatching time, too, so now might be a good time to check if you have any spare vouchers.

I will get back to the local food, local shops cause next time, but if someone is offering deals like that, sometimes with a family to entertain, you can’t look a gift horse in the mouth, especially when there’s hand-stretched pizza involved.

Drummer in the rain

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