About Me

imageMy family and I moved to our current home in summer 2015; we’ve only moved about 5 miles, but are now nearer the coast, and in fact after much hacking in the garden we have a sea view!

My background is in horticulture, with stints in environmental education, landscaping and managing a potager-style vegetable garden. I have always loved getting my hands dirty, whether with plants, animals or making things, and am a bit of a Jack of all trades, though definitely master of none. I grow flowers and veg to sell in a local market, and make preserves when this is a bit too successful! In the winter I also make living willow structures, such as arbours, play tunnels and twigwams.

During the last 13 years living and working in West Dorset, I have been struck by the energy of the people here , and the blog is an attempt to shout about some of the amazing people and places the area has to offer, that may have slipped below the radar for visitors or just been forgotten about by locals.

I am passionate about the landscape, and love walking, ‘running’ (albeit slowly and ¬†mainly downhill), and being on the water in one sort of craft or another. I am a strong believer in the power of community, and love spending time with friends, preferably involving plenty of good food.

I’d love to hear from anyone who has anything to share: places, people, art, food, activities, gardens, wildlife, history – anything goes really, I want to try to get an interactive, lively blog full of insiders tips, and a celebration of all the Jurassic Coast has to offer. My opinions and reviews are purely my own views, and I will try to be as honest as possible, as I want this to be a source you can trust.

And the name? Well, whether a visitor or a lifelong local, if you spend enough time around here sooner or later you will find yourself with fossils in your pockets; then you know you’ve truly arrived.